ICT Hardware & Software

AMT Solutions empowers people to use ICT and offers a complete range of Tier-1 IT branded equipment ranging from Laptops/PCs/Servers, and peripherals like Printers/ Projectors, to parts such as HardDisk/Memory, for resale.

Our quality products coupled with our excellent technical service will provide your company a fast turn-key and IT efficiencies to enable you to focus on your business aspirations.

By understanding our clients’ ICT goals, we deliver products and services with a valued difference, at the same time, bring the best to a project, at a reasonable price.


  • We offer collection and return of off-leased ICT assets. At the end of a lease agreement, we are able to act on behalf of both the manufacturer and the end user customer to ensure a fully audited, smoothly efficient return of the rented assets back to the lessor.
  • We also offer various choice of refurbished Laptops/PCs/Servers and other peripherals too. With technical experts in house, we are able to provided other solutions such as ICT assets upgrading service and on-site support service.

Software Development & Customization

We offers different types of services like customize system development, mobile app development (Android, iPhone/iPad apps), Windows based application. Our technical expertise includes:

  • Microsoft ASP.Net (VB.Net/C#)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • UI / UX Design

Web Development/Customization & Maintenance

We have more than 10 years website design & development experience and we always adopt the latest technology and trend in developing websites. We have developed websites for clients in different industries and regions. Our technical expertise includes:

  • Web-based Application (ASP.Net (VB.Net)
  • Microsoft SQL ServerM
  • PHP & Classic ASP
  • MySQL
  • UI / UX Design

ICT Security Firewall/Encryption/Antivirus

We offer highly qualified and experienced teams who set out to understand your needs in depth and provide effective solutions. We turns a complex security endeavour into a simplified process.

  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Historical Analysis
  • Automated response to security threat
  • Security Software Supply & Maintenance

Graphic Design & Product Supply/Advertising & Printing

With more than 10 years-experienced experts in house, AMT also offers various types of graphic design & product supply. We have succesfully delivered a lot of corporate materials - from developing concepts & ideas, design and finally supply it directly to our clients.

  • Corporate Uniforms
  • T-shirts (Round-neck/Polo/Microfibre)
  • Marketing folder/brochure/flyer
  • Diary Planner/Desk Calendar
  • Non-woven bags
  • Lanyards

Project Planning & Management

Project management involves planning, executing and coordinating the project from initiation to completion to deliver a smooth construction process.

The project management services’ main responsibilities are to coordinate the projects undertaken by the company to ensure that the projects are scheduled and run in an optimum way, and efficiently executed, with intent to provide a high quality work, in timely manner of deliverables submission to client or customers.

The project management team comprises of Project Manager and assisted by Project Engineer(s) and Project Secretary(s). The project manager takes up the responsibilities to develop the project plan, manage the team, schedule and budget, control the project risk and
resolve conflicts arise between multiple parties.

Project management, monitoring and control based on execution plan includes:

Project Planning

The planning phase is when the project plans are documented, the project deliverables and requirements are defined, and the project schedule is created.

Cost Management

Our cost management services include resource planning, cost estimating, cost budgeting and cost control.

Schedule Management

We help control costs and helps avoid scheduling conflicts through schedule management.

Scope Management

We help in creating an accurate document that outlines the goals, deadlines and relationships that shape the project.

Quality Management

We will ensure customer satisfaction through quality planning, quality improvement, quality control and quality assurance activities.

Safety and Risk Program Management

We run reactive risk management in response to hazard/risk occurrence, proactive risk management to address perceived hazard/risk occurrence before it actually occurs.


A Multidisciplinary Engineering consultancy with Specialist capability providing comprehensive technical services across industries.

Our Integrated engineering consultants work as part of a multi-discilplinary offering to develop solutions for your project. The goal is to establish a highly transparent and collaboratibe approach that produces high quality, fit for purpose engineering designs.

It’s not just about delivering high quality integrated engineering services, at the end engineering services are really about transparency, collaboration and relationships.

Facilities Engineering

A Multidisciplinary Engineering design, consultancy and support service, encompassing conceptualization, front-end development and detailed engineering of onshore, offshore and floating facilities

Specialist Engineering

A Multidisciplinary Engineering consultancy with Specialist capability helping clients to fully capitalize on targeted opportunity by optimizing technical decision in planning

Safety and Risk

A Multidisciplinary Engineering consultancy with Safety specialist working with clients to ensure all conceivable safety aspect have been considered and implemented in design and operation

Specialist Engineering

A Multidisciplinary Engineering consultancy with Specialist capability helping clients to fully capitalize on targeted opportunity by optimizing technical decision in planning

To ensure you get a fit-for-purpose project design, our systems engineering consultants work collaboratively with your teams. Take advantage of working with a fully integrated engineering services firm – our professionally engineers work within a digital engineering environment to streamline project management activities.

Compress your project execution timeline and prevent costly errors before it’s too late. It’s all made possible with our data-centric approach to multi-discipline engineering consulting.

Process Engineering

Civil Structural Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Piping Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Instruments Engineering

Engineering Studies

Engineering studies are often required in the early stages of project design. This allows multi-discipline engineering teams to optimize specifications and address the unique challenges associated with a project.


Procurement, Construction &  Commissionings

Service provider in the Engineering Procurement Construction Management (EPCM) with our reputable Clients and End Users. Focusing on small to medium scale EPC projects.

Our team have the training and experience required to finish projects on time and within budget while meeting or exceeding our customers’ expectations. With facilities, equipment and technicians strategically located throughout the country, we are uniquely positioned to meet your project requirements.

Utility / Balance of Plant Systems

EPC services for utility / balance of plant systems, e.g. fuel gas systems, instrument air systems, firewater systems, electrical / control rooms, etc

Process Skid Packages

Design and fabrication of custom process skids for rental or purchase, e.g. separation systems, gas compression, oil stabilisation, gas dehydration, etc.

Topsides Modifications

Brownfield modifications on topsides facilities, e.g. production and wellhead platforms, FSOs, FPSOs, MOPUs, drilling rigs, etc.

Onshore Pipelines

Transmission pipelines, distribution pipelines, gathering lines and feeder lines.


Power Specialist offering power system design and consultancy

Power System Studies

We are capable to perform power system studies in a range of software packages (e.g. DigSILENT PowerFactory, ETAP, SKM Power*Tools, etc.)

Power system modelling – Static and dynamic modelling of utility, industrial and commercial networks, including control system design and dynamic modelling

Static and dynamic system studies
Static studies (load flow, short circuit, harmonic analysis) and time-domain studies (tranisent stability, frequency stability, voltage stability)

Grid connection studies – Network impact and grid code compliance studies for connecting both conventional and renewable energy generating plant to the grid

Protection and arc flash studies
Protection coordination and arc flash hazard assessment studies

Power system planning and concept studies – Transmission and distribution system planning, power system concept option studies, generator
technology selection.

Power system reliability and network optimisation – Network reliability studies, power system design review and optimisation, power management system design and review

Power system protection design, review and optimisation – Protection system design, to minimise spurious tripping, post-fault incident review and analysis

Earthing and lightning protection system design and studies – Earthing grid design, touch and step potential studies, 3D lightning protection system design and risk analysis

Power System Design

Encompasses team of experienced engineers to plan, design and optimize clients’ power system.

Power System Operations

We provides range of services facilitating operation of power system to improve safety, efficiency and production uptime

Electrical safety, risk and operability assessments – Electrical equipment in hazardous areas review and dossier compilation, electrical safety and operability workshops, arc flash assessments and audit studies.

Power system data and document management – Power system model management, as-building of electrical documents and drawings, electrical equipment asset registers and databases

Electrical troubleshooting – Operational troubleshooting to investigateissues such as unplanned outages,
voltage sags, low power factor,
difficulties in starting large motors,
harmonic distortion, circulating earth
currents, etc

Electrical & Instrumentation Services & Calibration

Specialized in electrical instrumentation, modification, installation testing, calibration and related for industrial and commercial works on-shore

We specialized in electrical instrumentation, modification, installation testing, calibration and related works for industrial and commercial works on-shore and offshore.

Our Electrical and Instrumentation Group consists of professional engineers, skilled electricians and technical support teams specialized in diverse technical works in oil and gas, petrochemical, hydrocarbon and power plant industries including government agencies.

  • Electrical and Instrumentation Design, Technical Drawing and Submission
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Construction, Commissioning and Testing works.
  • Electrical and Instrumentation Turnaround and maintenance work.
  • Installation, testing, and maintenance of LV/HV switchgear including Condition Based
    Monitoring (CBM) and transformer servicing.
  • Troubleshooting of electrical problems and distortion.
  • Electrical testing services ( partial discharge online )
  • Tangent Delta Test (TDT) for cables, switchgear, and transformers.
  • Procurement, repair, testing and calibration of electrical measurement equipment
  • Electrical System Maintenance Services
  • Cathodic Protection System Design, Audit & Maintenance
  • Electrica • l Supervising Services/Inspection
  • Electrical System Testing & Commissioning
  • Electrical Consultancy
  • Electrical System Audits & Consultancy
  • Electrical Reliability Improvement Study
  • Batteries, Chargers and UPS system installation and supply
  • Earthing surge & lightning protection study & installation

Electrical & Instruments

AMT Solutions offers a broad and multidisciplinary electrical technical expertise within buildings and industrial installations. 

We specialize in putting together and implementing complete solutions which include several disciplines. We quality assure both our solutions and work processes so that we deliver the best project contract at the best price. 

A multidisciplinary contract may contain Uninteruptible Power System (UPS), Lightning & Surge Protection System, LV / MV Electrical System, Battery System, Process Instrument, Telecommunication & Security System, HVAC and Manpower Supply for Electrical & Instrument.

Mechanical & Automation

AMT Solutions offers a broad and multidisciplinary Mechanical with technical expertise within buildings and industrial installations. We provide complete solution to improve process for a better lean & efficient by using our innovative Automation and Engineering Products.

We specialize in putting together and implementing complete solutions which include several disciplines. We quality assure both our solutions and work processes so that we deliver the best project contract at the best price.

A multidisciplinary contract may contain Automation System (Robotic), Product Design (3D & 2D modeling), Automotive Equipment (Jigs & Fixtures), Engineering Services (Modification, Retrofitting & Upgrading), Engineering Fabrication and Material Handling Equipment.

Other Services

Besides AMT Solutions Core Businesses in Electrical & Mechanical, we also offers other disciplinary with technical expertise. We provide complete solution to meets our clients needs and requirement.

In this disciplinary, we offered services such as Skill and Semi-skill Manpower supply in our field of experts (Electrical, Instrumentation, Mechanical & Automation), Architecture, Building Construction, Advertising and Printing services.

Service & Capabilities

Pro Drones Solutions

We will use our expertise to advise you on the best course of action and successfully resolve your needs. We aim to make the world a better and safer place with our drone solutions.

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